Four Ways to Increase Awareness of Your Business

Published On September 30, 2011

Every ambitious and motivated business owner or manager is always looking for ways to increase sales, increase profitability and acquire more customers. While these business goals are important and much desired, businesses are most commonly aware and mindful of the fact that they want to promote their business in a cost-effective manner.

The good news is that there a number of proven ways to effectively promote a business without spending exorbitant sums of money. Here we take a look at four of these approaches.

1:  Promotional items

Absolutely everyone loves to get something for free. Promotional items have long been (and certainly continue to be) one of the most successful ways of promoting a business.

Many low cost products make great promotional items. Pens, promotional bags, USB drives, mouse pads, stress balls, even magnets and coffee cups make great promotional items when they feature your company’s name, logo and details.

The key to choosing and providing an effective promotional item is to ensure that it is something people use often (preferably daily) and something that will last the test of time. Promotional items are well worth the investment on the part of your business because every time they are used, awareness of your business is raised and/or exposure of your business or service increases.

Green bags are an incredibly popular promotional item and for good reason; when these promotional bags are repeatedly used, not only is the user reminded of your company, but your business’ details are showcased to an audience of people wherever the bag is taken. In this way, you are likely to reach an audience of people you never considered or expected to reach.

2:  Local directories and great sites

With so many people relying on the internet as the primary way in which they research, learn and engage with businesses, it is important to have your business featuring highly in lists of search results.

Adding your business to as many local directories as possible (many of which are free) is a fantastic idea and has the added bonus of people around your geographic area who are searching for a business or service seeing your business information and contact details prominently featured.

3:  Provide outstanding service

Word of mouth and customer recommendation remain incredibly important and effective ways to generate and increase awareness of your business. Customers remember good experiences and value and appreciate it when you are able to provide a solution to a particular problem.

If you do ensure that your business provides consistently excellent service, your customers are likely to spread the word to others. Remember that you can always ask your customers to share their experiences and positive perceptions. It is also easonable to ask whether a customer is willing to provide a testimonial for contribution to your website.

4:  Leverage off social media

An online presence is critical to increased awareness of your business and, increasingly, so is activity on social media and networking sites, such as: Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Many businesses are using these opportunities to create a buzz, raise awareness and promote their business. Through the creation of a Facebook page for example, you can post photographs, videos and information about your business and also engage with existing and potential customers in a way that increases knowledge and understanding of your business and enlightens them to special offers and opportunities.

Finding ways to successfully and cost-effectively promote your business is important. Businesses can now adopt a strategic approach to their promotional and advertising activities so that funds are well spent and translate into increased business and customer traffic.