5 Benefits of Promotional Bags

Published On October 7, 2011

Essentially, the benefits of using promotional bags extend to both your business and the environment. An ever-increasing number of businesses are recognising the value of providing green bags or other eco friendly bags in an effort to consolidate their brand and facilitate exposure to a broad and varied audience.

Specifically though, what are the most significant benefits of promotional bags?

1:  Contribution to sustainability and environmental protection

As awareness of the extent of existing (and on-going) environmental damage grows, it is important to be authentic in your efforts to help the environment. Just as much as individuals, businesses need to take responsibility for their actions and the subsequent impacts of these actions on the environment.

Promotional bags made from a range of environmentally friendly materials, such as: hemp and calico, can make a very positive contribution to environmental protection and sustainability. Typically, the fibres used to make enviro bags are biodegradable and can be composted – this means that they do not cause significant harm to the environment and, when disposed of properly, benefit the structure and fertility of soil.

2:  They are designed for reuse

The versatility and durability of promotional shopping bags makes them ideal for use and reuse. Of course, green bags are generally designed to carry shopping, but most people find that they start to find infinite uses for well-designed and good quality promotional bags.

Some businesses get particularly good mileage from the distribution of promotional bags that can be washed. If a consumer is able to reuse your bags many times, they are very likely to be a walking billboard for your business on an extended basis. Think of it…advertising that is effectively free!

3:  Enhance and promote your brand

Many businesses make the decision to invest in environmentally friendly promotional bags as a fundamental and effective way to expose and promote their brand. As a promotional tool, no other promotional item matches shopping bags in terms of their capacity to display your key details to a vast audience on an on-going basis.

Your customers will be reminded of your business each time they use their promotional bag and will unwittingly assist you to promote your business as they expose your brand wherever the bag is taken. The value of the investment in promotional bags is thereby increased as consumers are likely to introduce you to markets and locations you may never have considered.

4:  Promotional bags communicate a message about your business

The use of reusable bags marked with your business’ name, logo and other key details (such as website address) can show your existing and potential customers that your business takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and is active in helping the environment.

Do not underestimate how much this can matter to consumers; many people do take notice.

5:  They look good

Not only do promotional bags and green bags fulfil an important purpose, they often look stylish and appealing. A well designed and attractive bag of good quality will be favoured by consumers and chosen for use over less appealing and less stylish bags.

Environmentally friendly promotional bags carry many advantages in terms of communicating a message about your business and helping to promote and market your brand. Companies that seek effective ways to promote themselves should recognise the value of investing in promotional bags.