The Simplest Marketing Ideas in History

Published On October 15, 2012

The simplest ideas are quite often also the best, and this has certainly been the case in marketing throughout the years, with the following ideas easily among the simplest and most effective marketing ideas ever.

Business cards

Having a way to easily distribute your business contact information to those all-important connections and customers — and anyone else who wants it — is a smart idea for any business, so it is little wonder that business cards have become so hugely popular. Business cards have become an important way to not just exchange details but also to help reinforce your business brand, and even in this age of computer technology, business cards continue to be a staple of every business’s marketing efforts.

Reusable shopping bags

One of the smartest and most environmentally friendly marketing ideas in the last 50 years has been reusable promotional bags. Apart from drastically cutting down on the amount of resources being produced, consumed and often wasted, with your business name and logo printed on a reusable bag your customers will be helping promote your business any time they use it.

Free samples

Another simple and extremely effective way to market your business is to offer a free sample of those products or services of yours, because if you can back up the hype with a quality offering this can be a great way to score a few new customers. Even though it may cost you a small amount to provide those samples free of charge, the sales they bring in will make it very much worth the investment. Most people are far more likely to buy from you if they have already had a taste of what you offer, making free samples an extremely simple and smart marketing idea.


One of the oldest, simplest and still most effective ways of marketing is putting up posters, as whether you put them up in restaurants, cafes or on the street, a huge amount of people will see the poster in an average day, and they provide an easy way to disseminate information relating to your business.


Any time you are offering a discount of any sort you are sure to see an increase in interest, making this one of the simplest and easiest of marketing ideas. The trick is offering a big enough saving on something that people actually want, and then of course making sure that everyone knows the sale is going on. If you do it right, holding a decent sale is still one of the most effective ideas in marketing.

Press releases

If your business is holding any sort of event, such as an annual celebration or sale, the simplest, easiest and cheapest way to help boost your marketing efforts is by sending out a press release to the local media announcing what will be going on. Depending on how busy a news day it is, this simple idea may even lead to some free media coverage for you, which can provide a huge amount of exposure for your event.