Best Ways to Ensure Repeat Business

Published On September 15, 2012

If you have managed to attract a new customer to your business, it is extremely important that you do everything you can to make them want to come back again. The more repeat business you can get, the less you will have to concentrate on finding ways to bring new people in, so make sure your customers have more than enough reason to come back. The following is a look at some of the best ways to ensure repeat business.

Do a good job

If you are hoping for your customers to come back, you need to make sure they are more than happy with the product, service and overall experience you have provided them. Every time you are fortunate enough to have a customer decide to support your business, make sure they are being treated to the best your business has to offer. By providing a great experience every time, you will be making it an easy decision for those customers of yours to decide to come back.

Business cards

One of the most important ways to ensure repeat business from your customers is by making sure to give them one of your business cards before they leave. This way, if they were happy with your products or services, it will be easy for them to get in touch again in the future.

Be easy to locate and use promotional items and bags

Even if you have given customers your business card with all of your details on it, people lose cards regularly, so make sure your business is one that is easy for them to find again. Being centrally located can help a lot, as can having an online presence. Even a phone name can prove to be extremely useful. Essentially, you need to make sure you are a visible presence in the community, both online or offline. Reusable shopping bags with your company name on them will also help, as they are likely to be kept and can be referred to later on, but whether you have your business name on bags, posters or at the top of the Google search, visibility is key.


If you want your customers to come back again and again, your prices are going to have a big impact on their decision. Some high-end items, like luxury cars, might not ever be bought more than once, but for products like food and clothing, you should ensure your prices are at least comparable to your competitors. If your prices are known as the lowest around, you can expect to see a far higher rate of repeat business.

Offer discount coupons

A clever way to increase the rate of return customers to your business is to give them discount coupons each time they come in. Even if it is a small discount, it will give them a reason to return to your business, rather than try someplace new. Systems that involve stamping or punching a card in order to work towards a free purchase are also smart ways to ensure a little more customer loyalty.