Quick Guide to Jute

Published On November 28, 2013

Jute is a natural plant fibre that can be used to make a wide variety of everyday items. It has been used to make clothing, twine, curtain, carpets, rope, and bags, including promotional bags.

Jute is made by spinning the vegetable fibre into a thread, which is then weaved. Very finely woven jute is sometimes used to create imitation silk products. Jute has also been used to create alternatives to paper, as it is a highly cost-effective natural fibre that is biodegradable.

While jute is inexpensive to source, it is a strong natural fibre that offers insulating and antistatic benefits. Jute is superior as a green material to synthetic alternatives, especially where the application requires a biodegradable material.

For example, jute is used for potting plants that can be planted directly into the ground. It is also commonly used for landscaping applications. Jute grows quickly, taking up to six months at maximum to mature, and it is easy to harvest. All of these factors make jute an ideal material for everything from casual bags to clothing.