4 of the Best Reusable Items

Published On October 30, 2011

In life, we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff – some of it useful and beneficial and some of it not so useful and beneficial. When things are practical, durable and meet our particular needs, they suddenly become all the more useful and favoured in our day to day activities.

In thinking of the environment and the need to reuse and recycle, it is a bonus to be able to repeatedly use a useful item; here we take a look at four of these most useful reusable items.

1:  Reusable shopping bags

Of all the practical and useful reusable items, hard wearing, good quality shopping bags rank highly on everyone’s list. Frequently, businesses provide tote bags, jute bags, canvas bags, calico bags and many other different varieties for promotional purposes. These promotional bags not only achieve the end of marketing a business to a broad and varied audience, they are also beneficial to all of us in the way that they are used to not only carry shopping, but fulfil many other tasks.

Most commonly referred to as ‘green bags’ reusable shopping bags are not just a bag for transporting items. Far from it in fact. Today, many people use green bags to make a bit of a statement and, when they are stylishly and attractively designed, there is no reason not to!

When reusable shopping bags and used and reused, they also carry an environmental benefit. The use of these bags means that there is a reduction in the number of plastic bags used. While most promotional bags are not devoid of negative environmental impact in their production and manufacture, it is environmentally advantageous when these bags are used multiple times.

2:  Reusable water bottles

Coming in stainless steel and other varieties, reusable water bottles are fit for purpose and have the great benefit of reducing the number of disposable water bottles, which so often end up as litter. As with reusable shopping bags, the use of reusable water bottles helps to limit environmental impact while still fulfilling a need and being compatible with our lifestyle.

Many reusable water bottles are far more hardy and robust than their disposable plastic counterparts; this means that they are great for kids and less likely to leak all through your bag.

3:  Reusable snack bags

The use of disposable, single use plastic is cut down with the availability of reusable snack bags. Many of these snack bags are easy to clean and dry and can even be found in a range of cute, bright and fun patterns and designs. The versatility of reusable snack bags also means that these items can be used for all sorts of items and not just snacks!

4:  Waste-free lunch boxes

Designed so that they efficiently accommodate the different elements of your meal, reusable waste-free lunch boxes mean that it is not necessary to wrap your sandwich in copious amounts of cling film or use all sorts of packaging to protect your fruit. Instead, these designed for purpose lunch boxes mean that you do not need to use packaging – you only need the lunch box itself!

We lead busy lives and reusable items are important and valued by many of us, as long as they fulfil a particular need and do it well. For good reason, reusable shopping bags, water bottles and snack bags, as well as waste-free lunch boxes, are among the most sought after and effective reusable items.