How is Organic Cotton Different?

Published On May 25, 2010

Organic cotton is the perfect material to use for promotional bags. Not only is it compostable, biodegradable and environmentally friendly, but it is also durable, re-usable and looks great. Here are top three reasons why using organic cotton for your promotional bags is a great option.

Organic cotton- better for our planet
One of the first obvious reasons for using organic cotton is that simply put, it is better for our planet. Not only is cotton a natural and compostable fibre which recycles naturally to enhance soil structure and fertility, but further, organic cotton is grown organically, without the use of chemicals and pesticides or genetically modified organisms which can cause harm to the environment. Organic farming is based on the principals of farming alongside nature rather than against it as set out in clearly defined organic farming standards. This makes for sustainable farming practices.

Organic cotton also has a great texture and feel to it. It is a quality fabric which is of a high standard. When making your promotional bags it is important to consider what your bags say about your business and organic cotton feels great and is superior to many other fabrics which can be used to make promo bags. It also looks aesthetically pleasing so people will feel more comfortable to use them and keep using them.

A durable, sustainable fabric
Organic cotton is a wonderfully durable fabric which makes it great for promotional bags. While other bags might tear if being used to carry a heavy load, organic cotton is strong which makes it a great alternative to traditional shopping bags.

Because organic cotton wears so well, it will last. This means you get more promotional benefit as your customers will be able to use their bag over and over rather than just once or a few times. Where plastic may be used once, twice at a push, a bag made from organic cotton can be used over and over and even cleaned if required.

Unlike other materials, organic cotton is washable. So if it does get dirty, it can simply be put in the washing machine and dried out making it the perfect fabric not only for promotional bags intended for a specific product or for shopping, but also great for carrying books, gym clothes or just about anything.

Completely re-usable
Apart from the environmental advantage of having a promotional bag that is re-usable, it is also good for your business. The more people who re-use your bag, the more brand awareness you receive.

One more very important point to mention is that by using environmentally friendly organic cotton shopping bags for your business you are telling all of your customers and people who see your bag in use that you are a small or big business who is thoughtful towards the environment which is very important to consumers in an age when we are aware of the environmental impacts businesses have.

So when deciding on what fabric to use for your promotional bags, consider organic cotton as a viable option. Not only is it a durable, strong fabric, but it also means you are doing your part for the environment.