Ten Businesses That Can Market With Promotional Bags

Published On December 17, 2009

Marketing your business takes quite a lot of effort! It also requires a unified approach, especially if your business is still in the early stages of branding. Getting your logo out there is certainly a piece of the puzzle – it’s a form of indirect word of mouth, and better than all the solicited testimonials in the world. You can get your logo out there in a variety of ways – sponsoring sports teams and events (works for Telstra and Wizard!), holding competitions, as well as general advertising. Promotional items that you give out with purchases are a way of letting the general public know that other people are happy to spend money with you – it isn’t only you spending money on other people! So today we’re looking at promotional bags (the green bag variety that get used again and again) and checking out ten businesses that can make use of them as part of their marketing plan. The list is not exhaustive … remember, just about any retail B2C business can boost their branding with promotional bags! There are some good ideas, nevertheless.

1. Supermarkets
There are just as many family or community-owned supermarkets in the country as there are major chain stores. These smaller supermarkets also get an image boost through branding their own green bags – excellent environmental responsibility credentials!

2. Newsagencies
You can have bags with a thinner base, made to comfortably fit A4 sized documents (called ‘magazine bags, incidentally!) customised with the logo of your newsagency. Given the relatively small nature of many newsagency purchases, you could consider offering your promotional bags for free when people buy four or more items or for a minimum spend, and having them available for sale (supermarket style), at other times.

3. Schools
Satchels are a more expensive sort of promotional bag, but for schools with uniforms they can be a great fundraiser. Promote them as part of the ‘accepted’ uniform, and you can remove competition among kids as well as providing educational funds.

4. Childcare facilities
Drawstring promotional bags and library bags can be very useful for kids to keep their water bottles, hats etc in. Offer them to parents at a low price, and you’ll get a lot of exposure for your centre!

5. Gyms and Fitness Centres
Messenger bags with your gym’s logo can be given out with new memberships over a certain period of time, or available for sale in the front office. The fitness situation is one where your promotional bags will be used repeatedly, increasing their marketing value – many people still don’t keep dedicated gym bags. You can solve a problem for them, and boost your image at the same time!

6. Liquor stores
Paper bags can be difficult to hold, and most plastic bags are sized too large to keep a wine or spirits bottle upright. Bottle-sized promotional bags are the way to go – up your green credentials by offering the tiny zippered bags that go in a customer’s handbag so they always have their environmental bag to re-use next time they visit.

7. Ice-cream stores
Offer promotional cooler bags to your customers – this situation is a safe one in which to charge a nominal fee. There’s nothing worse than having half-melted ice-cream when you get home!

8. Coffee Shops/Cafes
Did you know you can get specially sized green bags for takeaway coffee cups, that will hold a four-cup cardboard beverage holder perfectly? If your store prides itself on the quality of your coffee, this is a great way to keep the luxury image going.

9. Boutique clothing stores

If you’re in an industry that competes on image rather than price then polypropylene, jute or cotton bags are an essential business item. They convey an instant sense of quality. Create an ordinary designs for purchases under a certain amount, and a promotional bag with more graphics-based design for higher end purchases to encourage repeat use beyond carrying the goods home.

10. Health food stores
Go for the jute or organic cotton alternatives for your promotional bags – excellent green credentials. The bag is a design feature in itself – you don’t need fancy graphics and screen printing and a cute logo usually makes for a great looking bag.