5 Reasons Why You Should Use Promotional Enviro Bags

Published On August 3, 2010

Using promotional bags are great for your business and also for the environment. We’ve got the top five reasons why you should use promotional enviro bags.

Do your part in helping the environment
In an age where we are becoming increasingly aware of the impact our actions have on the environment is it important to do our part for the environment.

Plastic bags may cause the death of wildlife and marine life which mistake them for food. Because plastic bags are mostly not biodegradable, the problem is getting bigger and bigger as more bags are produced. Enviro bags are made from materials that are environmentally safer in production, or once they have been discarded. The fibres used for natural fibre enviro bags are biodegradable and compostable and are not only not harmful to the environment, but proper disposal will actually enhance soil structure and fertility.

Businesses who are more environmentally friendly than others are recognised and praised for their efforts. Not only as an individual, but also as a business it is important to do your part to help the environment.

Consumers can re-use them
One of the great benefits of using a promotional bag is that it can be re-used. If it is designed in the right way, it will not only be used for shopping, but your customers will use it to carry books, gym clothes and other items on a daily basis. It really depends on the business you have, but if you make your promo bag versatile, the uses for it are endless.

To get real extra wear, you may even choose to have your promotional bags made from a fabric that is washable too which will stretch out its ability to be used for even longer.

It is great for your branding
Enviro shopping bags are a great promotional tool for your business. They are something that you can give out to customers which they will use again and again, exposing your brand and logo with them as well as reminding them of you whenever they use the bag.

Even if you have something that is quite targeted such as a liquor store. You could produce a enviro promotional bag that your customers can use to carry wine in when they visit friends or even when they are taking a bottle to a restaurant.

It lets others know your business is environmentally aware and responsible
Using environmentally friendly enviro shopping bags is a great way to show customers that your business is socially responsible and that you are actively doing your part to help the environment. This is something consumers are aware of and take notice.

They are stylish and look great
Promotional bags can not only be used as a functional item but many look very stylish and are the perfect accessory when you’re shopping. A great looking bag will be used many times and for different purposes if it is versatile and has style and good looks to match.

Using promotional enviro bags for your business has so many advantages. Not only is it a great useful item to spread your brand, but your customers will notice that your business is conscious of the environment and the world around it.