How Cotton Bags Have Changed Consumer Trends in Store Shopping

Published On November 16, 2022

Households across the world have been collecting hundreds – if not thousands – of plastic bags from grocery stores and retail outlets each year. With only a fractional percentage of these bags being returned into circulation through recycling efforts, the vast majority of them will end up in landfills, where it can take thousands of years for them to decompose. If they do not find their way to landfills, the bags will flow into our natural environment, polluting our oceans and endangering wildlife.

Fortunately, modern consumer trends suggest shoppers are becoming increasingly mindful of the detrimental effects single-use plastics can cause to our environment, and are demanding serious change within the industry. As a result, many eco-conscious brands and stores now offer reusable, cotton shopping bag options as an alternative, with a selection of new incentives to encourage greater usage. 

In this article, our team at Albury Enviro Bags breaks down how this wholesale introduction of cotton tote bags is impacting the way consumers engage with various industries across Australia. 


Less Reliance On Single-Use Plastics with a Biodegradable Cotton Shopping Bag

In the past, most shops would offer single-use plastic bags after each purchase, which many shoppers now find incredibly wasteful and a practice that worsens the worldwide pollution crisis. Consumer trends clearly indicate a preference for a biodegradable option, such as cotton bags. This is a natural, recyclable material that, when no longer put into regular use, will rapidly break down without any adverse environmental impacts. 

What’s more, as wholesale cotton tote bags are reusable, the scale of production required is significantly reduced, as shoppers can provide their bags. 


A Preference to Shop with Brands Who Care About the Environment 

Consumers no longer care exclusively about low prices, brand names or the latest features. Corporate social responsibility is becoming just as important, with shoppers regularly choosing to work with brands embracing more sustainable practices, even if that means paying a little extra in the process. 

Providing wholesale cotton tote and produce bags – and encouraging their repeated use within store shopping – shows your customer base that you are taking action, and making proactive investments into our collective future. Alongside all the good work you are doing for the planet, you are also ensuring your brand is far more attractive and enticing than your competitors who still offer plastic bags with each purchase. 


Save Money on Having to Buy New Bags

Modern, eco-conscious brands are not only introducing wholesale cotton tote bags into the shopping experiences of their store, but also creating a slew of incentives to increase their usage. For example, many chain stores and independent establishments charge their customers for single-use plastic bags, encouraging them to use reusable alternatives instead. This could be done by purchasing a cotton shopping bag directly or bringing their own from home.

Cotton drawstring bags have become essential when shopping in various stores to save money on your overall purchases. 


Greater Strength & Durability

Every shopper has accidentally overfilled their plastic shopping bag at some point in their lives, only to have it split and spill their goods all over the floor. Stores across Australia are now opting for wholesale cotton tote bags as their designs and material can offer greater durability. Rather than the handles stretching and breaking, you can have confidence and comfort when carrying heavier items, such as canned goods or bottles of wine.


Repurposed for Use in Everyday Life

While it is true that single-use plastic bags can be repurposed and put to use outside of a shopping trip, after several uses, the plastic itself starts to stretch and weaken, leaving them likely to break. They also aren’t often designed to carry wider loads, meaning you will likely need several to store and transport all your supplies.

Cotton shopping bags, however, are becoming incredibly popular with shoppers for their additional uses outside of transporting new purchases back to your home. As they are machine washable and offer spacious, well-structured designs, cotton tote bags can be used as a lunch bag, to hold your gym equipment, to carry supplies for a beach adventure, and much more!


Unique & Attractive Designs

The choice between boring, partially translucent plastic bags, and a multi-coloured cotton shopping bag with unique designs or branding is an obvious one. Consumer trends further show that users are selecting their wholesale cotton tote bags similar to how they would their clothing options – based on a reflection of their style. 

Interested in learning more about how introducing eco-bags could benefit your business? Contact us at Albury Enviro Bags today for more information!