5 Benefits of Unlined Jute Bags

Two _Hessian_Jute_Bags
Published On October 25, 2022

As the climate crisis continues, a growing number of eco-conscious Australians are looking for new ways to make a difference in their day-to-day lives. From investing in biodegradable materials to switching to renewable energy sources, we all can make several lifestyle changes as individuals that contribute to our ability to protect the environment on a global scale. 

A simple, effective change that you can make today is to start using more eco bags. 

So, if you are looking for an alternative to flimsy plastic that is both long-lasting and kind to the environment, unlined Jute or Hessian shopping bags may be the solution. 

Known to be one of the best eco options made from a renewable resource, there are several benefits you can expect from investing in unlined Jute Bags. 

At Albury Enviro Bags, we are proud supporters of these versatile designs, and here are five reasons you should be, too!


1. Unlined Jute Bags Offer High-Durability

Just because these designs are made with biodegradable materials from a renewable resource does not mean that they compromise on durability. When you choose a Jute tote bag, the reinforced straps and designs ensure you can comfortably carry heavy loads. These sustainable fibres are renowned for their strength, which is why they are regularly spun into coarse yarns. 


2. Using Eco Bags Made from a Renewable Resource Benefits the Environment

Supporting the environment is likely the primary reason for switching to Jute Bags. Unlike single-use plastic alternatives, they are made from biodegradable materials to ensure that they are not contributing to the global climate crisis. 

Jute itself, otherwise known as Hessian, requires minimal water to grow and mature, and no chemicals are used during this process. This renewable resource can also be harvested within six months, making it one of the more accessible natural materials. 

Any unlined tote bag made of jute can decompose between one to two years, meaning that it will never end up in a landfill. So, if you are looking for eco bags that will drastically reduce your carbon footprint, a jute shopping bag is the perfect place to start. 


3. Enjoy the Stylish Design of Unlined Hessian Shopping Bags

Eco bags, like an unlined hessian shopping bag, offer an attractive design that is customisable to any person’s preferences. Whether through prints or patterns, these Jute bags provide a blank canvas upon which you can get creative with other biodegradable materials for decoration. They also boast gender-neutral designs, making them an ideal option for both men and women. Businesses are even taking advantage of the simple style afforded to jute tote bags by branding them and offering them to customers as a promotional exercise!


4. Find Cost-Effective Jute Tote Bag Options 

Usually, items that claim to be easy to use, attractive and made from a renewable resource come with a hefty price tag. When it comes to unlined hessian shopping bags, however, the opposite is true! You can enjoy these fantastic tote bag designs at a minimal price, ideal for practically every budget. Thanks to the affordable biodegradable materials from which the bags are made, you can find well-crafted eco bags for no more than a few dollars. 


5. Versatile Eco Bags 

Jute bags are famous additions to the weekly shop, but their uses do not stop there. Thanks to their versatility and durability, these eco bags can double up for practically any purpose – the sky is the limit! From school bags to beach totes, using biodegradable materials that are tough and long-lasting ensures you will get the most out of each item. You even can shop these designs in various colours and sizes, making it easy to find a tote bag to suit your every need. 


Find the Best Eco Jute Bags with Albury Enviro Bags

At Albury Enviro Bags, we are committed to supplying exceptional products made with biodegradable materials crafted from a sustainable, renewable resource. For example, items like our unlined, Large Food Grade Jute Bag offer the perfect blend of versatility and durability, making it an excellent addition for a market or beach trip. 

So, shop online for Hessian Bags and more to discover the many benefits yourself. For further assistance or to secure a free quote for any purchase, contact us at 02 9534 6283 or submit an online enquiry form, and one of our friendly team members will be in touch as soon as possible.