How a Promotional Bag Can Help Your Business

Published On November 18, 2013

Promotional bags are one of the best and most versatile marketing tools around. They are also one of the most neglected. A good promotional bag is a great way to make your business or organisation stand out and attract business.

Here are some tips for creating a promotional bag that will be an effective marketing tool:

  • Make the promotional bag free. Everybody loves a free giveaway and they’ll be more likely to take it home if it’s free.
  • Make it practical and reusable. In today’s world, we all use bags to carry all kinds of items. More and more people carry bags with them every day.
  • Fill it with goodies. The only thing better than a free bag is a free bag stuffed with free goodies, like a Christmas stocking. Try filling it with items related to your business, such as samples of your products, candy and other promotional items, such as cups and pens or coupons for your products.
  • Make bags for specific causes, such as a special Christmas bag for the holidays or a bag designed to raise awareness for a cause or charity. An example of this might be a pink bag to raise awareness of breast cancer.

The bottom line is that promotional bags are an affordable and fun marketing tool that almost any business can take advantage of.