The Advantages of Using Reusable Tote Bags as a Marketing Tool

Published On November 6, 2013

Disposable plastic bags contribute to a range of environmental problems. Some retailers offer paper bags as an alternative, but these bags can lead to other problems, especially when consumers fail to recycle them.

Reusable promotional bags provided by companies and organisations can help to alleviate these environmental issues, while at the same time acting as an effective marketing tool. Retailers sometimes shy away from the use of these bags because they represent a larger initial investment, but they typically prove to be the most cost-effective over time.

These bags are highly effective at generating brand impressions, because they are reused frequently and in public. Customers are highly motivated to reuse them, not only because of the practical benefits they offer, but because they provide such tangible environmental benefits.

Companies are increasingly turning to tote bags because they are highly customised and are sure to appeal to their particular clients in both practical and aesthetic ways.