Bringing Own Bags When Grocery Shopping is Becoming a Habit for More Customers

Published On September 30, 2013

A recent NTUC FairPrice survey has revealed that an increased number of customers choose to bring their own bags when grocery shopping.

Up to 62% of survey respondents said that on at least one occasion they brought their own bags shopping. Two years ago, this was the case for just 33% of respondents.

The survey results also showed that 36% said they regularly brought their own bags to carry grocery shopping and 13% reported that they always do.

Of those who brought their own bags grocery shopping, 88% said that they did so to be environmentally friendly and added that using just one bag for groceries is more convenient.

It seems that, typically, a customer that brings their own bag grocery shopping is between the ages of 35 and 54 years and is female.

Survey respondents who did not bring and use their own bags while grocery shopping said that this was due to inconvenience, laziness or finding the practice of taking their own bags troublesome.

Many of these people also reported that most grocery shopping trips were unplanned or spontaneous. Others said that they were just not in the habit of bringing their own bags.