Deciding What to Pack

Published On September 29, 2013

Prior to travelling, it is quite common for people make lists of what they need to pack for the journey. While some items are completely necessary, having some ‘not-so-essential’ items can also be nice.

Sometimes, the simplest of items, including reusable water bottles and band aids ,can enhance the quality of a journey.

Reusable water bottles are frequently forgotten but handy to have. Bottles made from glass, steel, aluminium and hard plastic are all good options.

The inclusion of a small laundry bag in which dirty, wet and smelly clothes can be placed eliminates the problem of clean clothes being soiled and provides a good way to keep things neat and organised.

Carrying first aid supplies for unexpected scrapes and scratches is definitely wise. While travelling, first aid supplies can be expensive and difficult to obtain.

Carrying reusable shopping bags that can easily be folded up and stowed in a day bag makes it easier to carry purchases and be less reliant on single-use plastic bags. Reusable bags can also serve as picnic baskets and beach bags.