Reusable Bags Encouraged in Summit County

Published On September 28, 2013

In Summit County, conversations are occurring regarding strategies to promote the use of reusable grocery bags and reduction of single use bags made from plastic.

Solid Waste Superintendent for Summit County, Jaren Scott, acknowledged the magnitude of the problem of plastic bags and these are a particular problem in the landfills of the county. Scott said the bags are an eyesore. This problem is especially prevalent at the county’s landfill. Because the are so light, they get carried around by the wind and are constantly being picked up.

It is hoped that increased education will reduce plastic bag use and extend the life of landfills. If this occurs, the county will also look better.

Prospectively, the county will form a partnership with Recycle Utah and efforts will be concentrated on strategies to encourage people to use reusable bags rather than plastic bags. School students would be educated about reusable bags and will receive information and instruction about items that can and cannot be recycled.

Recycle Utah’s Outreach Coordinator, Emily Stein, explains that the types of reusable bags that would be created and distributed by the county have been ascertained and an artist is working with the group to create the design of the bag.

While the reusable bag program is operating, data would be collected by the county to make reassessment of the reduction of plastic bags and the use of reusable bags possible.