Good Reasons to Provide Tote Bags at Marketing Events

Published On November 10, 2013

Make the most of your organisation’s participation in a marketing event by providing your customers and prospective clients with a reusable promotional bag. There are a number of compelling reasons to choose these bags as one of your promotional items of choice.

While pens, water bottles, and notepads are quite common, tote bags are less so—and therefore more memorable. They also provide customers with a benefit immediately, as customers may need to carry other things they’ve received at the event, or brought along with them. Their ability to act as a container can also make them the perfect way to present an entire promotional package.

Additionally, these bags require a low monetary investment on the part of the company. They provide great visibility for your company at the event, because of their size and the fact that the logo will remain fully visible while the bag is being used. These bags are also likely to be reused after the event.