5 Ways to Style a Drawstring for Any Occasion

Published On May 20, 2022

Bags have become an essential accessory to complete your look; among these are drawstring wet bags. They’re convenient, and you can use them for different functions such as carrying books, sports equipment and diapers, among many other items. Other types, such as drawstring hessian bags, can be used for carrying groceries or delivering gifts. You can also use these bags for packing toiletries, school items, and sleepover accessories.  (1)

Due to this variance in their uses, you’d want to style your drawstring wet bag according to what you’re using it for, perhaps by adding accessories like ties, buckles or traps. As an example, when you’re going to a grocery store, you’d want a jute mesh bag or a cotton ham bag with enough capacity for the goods. It’s also great to match it to your outfits so that your appearance is complete from head to toe.

The whole idea is to transform the otherwise nerdy drawstrings to be stylish and trendy. With this in mind, here are five styling considerations you can look into:

1. A Childcare Drawstring Backpack

Drawstring wet bags are ideal for children, and they’re even popular in daycare and kindergarten schools. They’re light and aren’t bulky for carrying books and other school supplies. A simple way to style your child’s drawstring backpack is by choosing a colour that goes with their school uniform.

In that case, a navy blue bag can be coupled with a red and white uniform. The colours go well together. Moreover, navy blue is a dull colour and wouldn’t get dirty fast. You’re well familiar with how playful kids can get and soil themselves all over.

You could also choose drawstring bags with animal images, like rabbits or cats. These resonate well with children. You’re sure they’ll be proudly carrying the bag and showing it to friends.

To make it usable in winter or rainy seasons, you could get polypropylene bags, which can go well with raincoats and umbrellas. The child will be comfortable and their learning materials safe from the weather. By shopping online, you can get nylon drawstring bags Australia at affordable prices.

2. Sporty Outdoor Drawstring Bag 

Outdoor events such as fundraiser walks with co-workers, athletics and sporting events require a sportsman drawstring bag that matches your tracksuit. For company-sponsored events, you could buy drawstring bags in bulk and style them with the company logo for easy identification and uniformity of the workers. As an example, red drawstring bags would perfectly match green tracksuits. To add to that, such an event requires you to carry a snack or water. Thus, you can style your bag with side pockets to ensure you don’t cramp up the main bag.

3. A Trendy Drawstring Backpack For A Girls’ Day Out

A girl’s day out is more than just the food and drinks. It’s a chance for you to show your fashion style and how good you are in pairing up outfits. Drawstring bags are currently in style, and you’d want to get something that will distinguish your style. A yellow jumpsuit, which is gaining cultic popularity as a summer outfit, and black shoes would go well with a black, soft and shimmery cinch-up bag. (2)

In essence, the black bag will have a pongee and sequin zipper front pocket and will match with your black shoes to give you a classy look. Such amazing bags are affordable. Search through the Kmart drawstring bag collection to find a fitting one.

4. Styling Promotional Drawstring Bags 

Backpacks are fantastic promotional items. A backpack worn daily needs to be light and have an exciting design. To style a promotional bag, use a bright colour, such as luminous green, to act as a background to the product image. A luminous colour would attract people to look and spike interest in reading the advert. What’s more, such custom promotional drawstring bags are durable and environmentally friendly, unlike many other promotional materials. (3)

However, remember that promotional backpacks abound today, and it may be hard to notice even the branded ones. An excellent workaround is to have noticeable design elements, like a copyright animal or overlapping textures. As these may be slightly pricey, your winning point is buying drawstring bags wholesale to cut down on the budget.

5. Quirky Drawstring Bags

You agree that plain has no edge for fashion. You’d need to incorporate fashion in all aspects of your life, including the bags you use and even drawstring garbage bags. These bags can be styled using quirky branding that includes illustrations drawn by hand and overlapping elements.

Therefore, instead of a regular black-only garbage bag, you could have a zipped drawstring bag with drawings of dinosaurs or distorted shapes, and eye-catching colours such as sunset red.


Drawstring bags have versatile styling options, so you can always find a vibe that suits you. Notably, this depends on the occasion for which you want to carry the bag. Don’t hesitate to be edgy and push your fashion sense to the limits. Play with graphics, text, colour, and accessories to pimp your drawstring wet bag. The result is a sophisticated look that makes a bold statement of your fashion sense.


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