4 Advantages of Reusable Bags

Published On November 30, 2011

While the advantage of reusable bags can be many and varied, they can essentially be classified in four main ways: environmental, promotional, versatile and reliable. It is little wonder that so many businesses opt to use promotional bags for marketing purposes and to expand their reach into diversified markets.

1:  Environmental advantages of reusable bags

It is not uncommon for reusable shopping bags to be referred to as ‘green bags’. Although these bags are often comparable to plastic bags in terms of the environmental impact of their production and manufacture, the incredible benefit that they offer is that when they are repeatedly reused, the need for plastic bags (which tend to only be used once), is reduced.

2:  Promotional advantages of reusable bags

When a business is seeking an effective way to promote itself, the provision of reusable shopping bags offers a great way to raise its profile and increase awareness and recognition of its brand. All sorts of shopping bags (including: canvas bags and calico bags), can feature a business’ name, logo and key contact details so that these will be prominent in not only the mind of the bag’s owner, but also those who see the bag when its owner uses and carries it.

In choosing a promotional product for your business, there is no greater consideration than how practical and useful an item is. You must always ask yourself whether an item will be used. Avoid promotional products of which we tend to have in multiples. For example, while pens are useful, they tend to gather in drawers and, in any case, the branding of your business can only be featured in very small size on a pen.

Ultimately, reusable shopping bags and tote bags of different styles are a justifiably popular type of promotional product. Consumers want these products because they are useful, practical and used by many on a daily basis.

3:  Reusable shopping bags are versatile

Part of the appeal of reusable bags is that they are generally so strong and durable that they can be used for a broad range of purposes and tasks. As many of us can certainly appreciate, reusable bags are far more useful than for only carrying our shopping! We use them in many handy ways and to assist us with a broad range of tasks.

4:  Reusable shopping bags are reliable

Of all the different types of shopping bags available, reusable bags and promotional bags commonly carry the distinct advantage of being reliable. As opposed to plastic bags which often split and break, we can feel confident that reusable shopping bags will effectively carry our shopping or other products no matter what their cumulative weight.

The fabrics from which reusable bags are commonly made (calico, jute, canvas and cotton…to name but a few), are renowned for being strong and robust and therefore ideal for reusable bags. The other point to note here is that these different types of bags also lend themselves to promotion. Many of these bags look great and are incredibly effective when they feature the details of the providing business.

Reusable bags carry many advantages. Because reusable shopping bags can be used for so many purposes and are reliable and strong, they have great appeal to consumers, together with the fact that they are infinitely practical and useful.