5 Great Varieties of Reusable Bags

Published On November 14, 2011

When you are thinking of reusable bags, you are probably quick to think of green bags – the trusty and reliable reusable shopping bags — that we tend to pick up and use from the supermarket or have passed on to us for free by other retailers or businesses. Green bags are an excellent example of reusable bags but, in this day and age, there is a much broader and great selection of reusable bags to choose from.

While many of these bags are often issued by particular companies for promotional purposes, promotional bags can be crafted in a range of stylish and attractive designs – they need not be sterile and boring!

So, what are some of the great varieties of reusable bags?

1: Calico bags

Calico bags are often thought of as the ‘original cotton bag’. These reusable bags are often available in a variety of thicknesses and weights and can be printed with a range of attractive designs. Of course, when used as a promotional bag, a calico bag can also prominently feature your business’ details and key contact information.

2:  Jute bags

Jute bags are also known as hessian bags. Natural vegetable fibre is used to make the hessian material and it is then spun to form threads that are coarse and characterised by strength. Jute bags are renowned for being strong and durable and can effectively feature details of different businesses for promotional purposes.

3:  Non-woven bags

Non-woven bags are robust and reliable. They can very effectively feature your business’ details and, for this reason, are often favoured by companies of all types. Because these bags look so smart and are functional and strong, they offer good value for money when companies are choosing a style of bag to promote and market themselves.

4:  Paper bags

When it comes to paper bags, there is a surprising number of different options available. Of course, the colour of the paper that is used presents one choice and the weight of the paper that is used can also vary significantly.

Businesses can choose whether to have handles as a feature and, if so, to have handles made from paper or another material.

The popularity of paper bags remains and this is because good quality paper bags can help to promote your business’ details and perhaps its key message to customers. When provided in strong and robust forms, reusable paper bags are appreciated by their users.

5:  Straw bags

Straw is acknowledged as one of the most versatile and natural of all fibres. Straw bags offer the advantages of being strong but also comfortable and easy to carry. Added to this, straw bags are stylish and fashionable and tend to be repeatedly used by their owners.

Reusable shopping bags come in many great varieties. Made from strong and durable materials and with plenty of opportunity for businesses to feature their details, it is little wonder that reusable bags are so often provided by organisations and used and reused by consumers.