5 Top Tips for Living With Less Plastic

cotton bags and glass gar for free plastic shopping
Published On July 4, 2021

Plastic is so commonplace in our world today that it feels nearly impossible to eliminate it from our lives. However, striving for a plastic-free life is a noble and worthwhile goal for anyone looking to curb their impact on the environment. Fortunately, it’s becoming easier every year as more people demand plastic alternatives and look for ways to reduce plastic use. Here are some of our tips on how you can get started.

1. Use a Reusable Shopping Bag

Plastic bags are typically used for a matter of minutes before being discarded, and then take hundreds of years to break down. Most of us own reusable bags, but the challenge is remembering to have them with us when we need them. One easy way to remember is to always keep a reusable bag (or bags) by your front door or in your car. There are a great range of custom reusable shopping bags available these days in different materials such as cotton, hemp and jute.

2. Carry a Reusable Water Bottle

Plenty of research has highlighted that in addition to being less eco-friendly by generating unnecessary waste, bottled water is actually less healthy than tap water, despite the best efforts of bottled water companies to convince us otherwise with slick marketing. Choose tap water in a reusable bottle you can refill anytime.

3. Avoid Disposable Foodware

Disposable plastic containers, cutlery and straws are among the worst plastic pollution culprits. Single-use utensils are usually used just once, for a couple of minutes, before they are thrown away to litter our towns, pile up in landfill, or enter our waterways and oceans. It’s surprisingly easy to get in the habit of carrying your own cutlery with you.

Simply grab a knife, fork and spoon (or chopsticks) from your home cutlery drawer and keep them rolled in a napkin with a rubber band around it. Alternatively you could purchase bamboo cutlery in a travel pouch. Pack your own lunch in reusable containers and bring your own reusable cup for getting coffees rather than using disposable options.

4. Dine In

Our society has a huge obsession with takeaway food, made all the easier by convenient delivery apps. Unfortunately, this habit generates a lot of unnecessary waste. One very simple way to reduce your plastic waste is by simply choosing to dine in at your favourite café, pub or restaurant. Dining in is a great way to slow down and enjoy the moment of a meal with colleagues or loved ones.

5. Store Leftovers in Glass Jars

When plastic containers are used to store our food, there is always the risk of toxins leaching into it, especially when the food is either hot, or frozen. Glass is a very safe and eco-friendly alternative food storage option. Instead of sending your glass jars to be recycled, re-purpose them for storing leftovers in the fridge, freezing cooked or uncooked food, and storing any dry goods in your cupboards.

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