Caution! Reusable Bags May Be Infectious – Study by plastics industry

Published On May 24, 2009

It seems, according to a recent study by the plastics industry, that those environmentally popular reusable green bags may pose a health risk to consumers and checkout operators because of germs carried by unclean reusable bags. Headlines cry out “Cloth Bags Condemned as Plastic Fights Back “, Study Commissioned by Plastics Industry Says Reusable grocery Bags Dangerous “, “Back to Plastic? Reusable Grocery Bags May Cause Food Poisoning“, and “Plastic Industry Fights Against Reusable Bags“.

Who wants to catch food poisoning from their reusable bag? It seems we must all use more detergents and chemicals to clean our environmentally friendly bags or else go back to plastic bags. Being environmentally friendly it seems, may just be too dangerous!