Can Celebrities Help You Promote Your Products?

Published On January 14, 2013

When it comes to promoting products, especially designer clothing and accessories, no one can do it better than A-list celebrities. Toronto handbag designer Jessica Jensen experienced this first hand when she placed her products in the Tastemasters Lounge at the Toronto International Film Festival, which is where celebrities can drop by and choose free gifts or “swag.”

While getting products into these swag lounges isn’t cheap, it can really pay off if celebrities then use the products, as they did in Ms Jensen’s case. She said of her promotional bags: “When a celebrity is wearing our bag, we can use the images on our website or for promotion. If a celebrity approves a brand, others perceive that it’s quality and it’s something they’d want to invest in.”

Of course, getting products into these types of events isn’t easy, and the cost is often too steep for most businesses. When it comes down to it, a story of a celeb using a product can do wonders for a brand in the short-term, but it’s still all about building word of mouth over time and great brand association for long-term success.