Eco Bags Make Packing Lunch Fun and Environmentally Friendly

Published On November 22, 2012

You’ll never have to put another sandwich in a plastic baggie again with the wave of new fun, eco-friendly options for bagging your lunch. Itzy Ritzy and Lunch-Skins2, which can both be found at Target, are the most popular versions of the new mini eco bag, but you can also purchase a variety of cute handmade reusable lunch bags on Etsy. The reusable, washable and fashionable bags come in plenty of great patterns, too, such as ladybugs, sharks, stripes and polka dots. While some bags adhere with Velcro and others have zippers, one thing remains consistent: you can wash away the guilt of contributing to the pile of plastic bags in landfills and the oceans. The variety of available sizes means you can find the ideal one for whatever kind of food you’re packing, from sandwiches and leftovers to fruit and smaller snacks. Make sure you buy ones that have also been made from organic cotton or any other organic, natural material.