How to Effectively Exhibit at Trade Shows Without Breaking the Bank

Published On January 30, 2013

While trade shows can help promote your small business, it is quite expensive to attend them. Fortunately, it’s possible to have an effective trade show exhibit without putting your small business into debt.

Some of the major costs associated with trade show exhibits include: designing and constructing the booth, equipment, promotional items, setup costs, space rental, utilities, staffing the booth and promoting your presence at the show.

Don’t let these expenses turn you off, however, because the benefits of attending them often outweigh the costs, as long as you make the most of it and reduce the costs wherever possible. For instance, if you spend time thinking about what your goals are and make a detailed plan, then you can streamline your booth preparations and make your presence more effective.

Finding the right trade show to exhibit in is also important as it ensures you are targeting all the right people.

When it comes to promotional products, make sure you use them wisely and avoid gimmicky items. Give away something people actually want, such as a product or demo, or even nice promotional bags that people can re-use for shopping.