5 Great Holiday Corporate Gift Ideas

Published On December 2, 2010

To reward clients and to leave a lasting impression Holiday Corporate Gifts are a great idea. To keep your brand name in the forefront of a clients mind choose a gift that will stand out. Something that is unique, will show clients that you appreciate their business and importantly, is something they will like and keep. The meaning behind a corporate gift is twofold, thanking the client for their loyalty and continuing to maintain that loyalty.

Gifts can include anything from T-shirts and caps, to pens and promotional bags, all carrying your company logo and message. Champagne, gift baskets, chocolate, watches; these are all popular gift items, which can easily be personalised.

Gift Baskets

Always appreciated and great to give as an office gift as they can be easily shared. They can be made to suit any budget, depending on the contents and size, are easy to deliver and can contain a wide variety of different items to suit the recipient. Coffee, tea, chocolate or other food items are always popular, and work particularly well when giving to a group. For an individual, more personal gift baskets containing things like scented candles, bath and aromatherapy products and relaxing CD’s can be a pleasure to receive.

Promotional Bags

The right promotional bag can make a fantastic gift for your clients. Choose a bag that is functional and the recipient will keep it and use it. Sports bags, back packs and tote bags are just some of the types of bags you could give away, and by carrying your name and logo will mean plenty of exposure for your business. They are an inexpensive promotional tool with the potential for optimal marketing ability as your client may carry your logo with them every time they go to the gym or take the kids to swimming lessons.

Personalised Beer or Wine

One of those gifts that is always appreciated, particularly during the festive season. Bottles of wine or beer with a personalised label would look fantastic at your client’s Christmas party and would also become an interesting talking point. Double your exposure, a gift that looks great but one that is also talked about, and your company along with it.

Box of Fruit

Make your gift stand out this year. How about a big box of mangoes or cherries? Fruit that is only available during the holiday season can make a unique gift and can be enjoyed by everyone. Fresh mangoes can be sent from Queensland, direct from the farmer, and cherries would make a fantastic gift, particularly at Christmas.

Donate a Gift

This year why not donate a gift on behalf of your client? Charities can organise that gifts of things like wells, equipment, food, supplies and even farm animals can be given to communities in poverty stricken areas throughout the world. Your client receives a card to say a donation of a gift has been made on their behalf. Always a worthwhile cause and a thoughtful gift at a time of year when thinking of others should be the main motivation. Any client would appreciate the thoughtfulness of such a gift.