Choosing the Right Reusable Shopping Bag

Published On November 26, 2013

As more environmentally shoppers opt for reusable shopping bags, the choice of designs and styles available on the market has expanded. This quick buying guide outlines the key elements to consider when buying a reusable shopping bag.


Reusable shopping bags are available in many different shapes and styles, but those in the ‘brown paper bag’ design are some of the most convenient for carrying groceries. These come with a flat base, so they are easy to load and pack into the car.

Reusable bags that fold up well are convenient to carry around. Designs that incorporate longer handles are good for shoppers who like to haul their groceries on their shoulder, but most people would probably prefer shorter handles.


Look for durability and low environmental impact when considering materials. Cotton and canvas are fairly sustainable materials that are biodegradable and machine washable.

Other materials used in reusable bags include synthetics, polyester, and polypropylene. These are not biodegradable, but polypropylene is durable, rigid and easy to rinse out. As such, a bag made of polypropylene might be the best choice, as it will be durable and stand up on its own.