Bagvertising: Shopping Bags as Highly Effective Marketing Channels

Published On November 25, 2013

Shopping bags are too often overlooked as marketing channels for businesses. The humble shopping bag, used effectively, can be the walking billboard that marketers dream about. In fact, many organisations already use shopping bags to promote their products and services.

Advertising through shopping bags is also known as bagvertising. Bagvertising is popular for many reasons. It is inexpensive and cheaper than traditional advertising, and it is an effective way to promote a product or brand. Bags are mobile and can be highly visible. A single shopping bag can be viewed hundreds of times or more in a short period of time.

However, bagvertising is more than just having bags printed with the business details. Innovative, original, and bold designs tend to produce a stronger impact. As such, businesses that use bagvertising should ensure the bag has a strong visual impact. It is a good idea to work with designers and printers and test the effect of the bag before committing to a final design.