Using Promotional Tote Bags for Marketing

Published On November 24, 2013

Adding tote bags to a marketing campaign can be highly cost-effective. Tote bags make functional and appealing promotional products, and they can deliver a sustained marketing message to raise brand awareness. These are some tips for using tote bags as promotional products.


Humour can be a powerful marketing tool. Using a humorous slogan or graphics on the tote bag can make the bag stand out and encourage customers to remember the business or product.

Promotional Gift Sets

Tote bags can be used as part of promotional gift sets for special leads and customers. These sets might include practical items such as notebooks, water bottles, pens, magnets, and corporate mugs.

Emphasise Corporate Logo

To make the tote bags stand out, emphasise the corporate logo in the printed area of the tote bag. Using colours and images to complement the logo makes it highly visible.

Use Colours and Images

Be selective when choosing colour and images for the printed area on the tote bag. While it is important to make the design highly visible, the colours and graphics used should conform to the organisation’s brand personality and voice.