Commonly Used Terms for Tote Bags

Published On November 23, 2013

Tote bags are a popular item in today’s world, and they are used as reusable shopping bags as well as fashion accessories. There are a few commonly used terms for tote bags.


The gusset in a tote bag refers to the material used for the sides and bottom of the bag. The wider the gusset on a tote bag, the large the bag’s carrying capacity. It is possible for bags (but not tote bags) to have no gusset. These bags have an envelop-style design and reduced capacity compared with tote bags.

Non-woven Polypropylene

Non-woven polypropylene is a plastic material commonly used in tote bags, as it is durable, recyclable and inexpensive. Unlike cotton or canvas, this material is usually not washable.


The grommets are the ‘eyelets’ that are fixed on to the tote bag for fixing handles to the bag. Very large grommets can make handles in themselves. They can also be used as decorations on the bag.