Fraser Coast Council’s Plastic Bag Ban Falls Through

Published On June 3, 2013

According to Mat Nott of Fraser Coast Chronicle, councillors who voted against proposed plans to ban plastic bags ‘need their heads read’.

Nott expressed that the choice is a denial of the area’s environmental responsibility and that those councillors who voted against the idea are anti-environmental.

Nott believes that councillors denied the proposal to ban plastic bags because it would cost local businesses too much. There were also arguments that it was too much change too close to the floods, but Nott called these arguments an artificial conceit.

Nott suggested that customers should bring their own bags when they go shopping. Stores such as Target are already using biodegradable bags and Nott believes it won’t be long until states and countries follow suit.

Nott said that there will come a time when plastic bags are banned but for now the Fraser Coast region should be leaders and take steps to ban the bags. This would result in getting the Fraser Coast in the national media which would help exposure, something that the region is concerned with and spends much money on already.