Ban Plastic Bags in NSW Urges Forbes Group

Published On May 31, 2013

The Forbes Environmentally Concerned Community group (FECC) wants plastic bags gone from NSW. Members of the group have been circulating a petition that asks local residents to sign in support of ridding single-use plastic bags from NSW.

Pip Perry, an active member of FECC said that the Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group have come on board with the project in order to collect more signatures for the petition.

The petition will be collated at the end of the financial year and then shown to Roby Parker, the Minister for Environment and Heritage, along with Troy Grant, State Member for Dubbo.

The groups hope that if they can get enough signatures it will start some positive talk and eventually lead to parties introducing legislation to ban the use of plastic bags in NSW.

Perry said that the lightweight plastic bags often used in supermarkets would be affected by the ban but not the heavier types given out in clothing stores.