Orange City Council to Outlaw Plastic Bags

Published On May 31, 2013

Orange’s City Council is planning to ban plastic bags in the hopes of making the city more environmentally friendly.

The City Council is unable to enforce any legislation that bans plastic bags but is trying to sway individuals and businesses to be more eco-friendly with their choices, according to Councillor Neil Jones.

The Council was pleased at some company’s choices, like Aldi and Bunnings who have adopted a no-plastic bags policy. They were urging other companies to follow suit but Councillor Jones was aware that not all businesses would be willing to make the switch.

“Sometimes businesses are unwilling to sacrifice anything to do with their business strategies,” he said.

Councillor Jones added that businesses should think about the positive benefits of engaging in such a strategy. He believed that plastic bags were destructive for the environment and compostable bags should be embraced as an alternative.

The Australian Capital Territory and South Australia already implemented plastic bag bans and Councillor Jones expects New South Wales to follow in the coming years.