Fundraising Ideas For Charities And Fundraisers

Published On January 8, 2015

Raise money for your charity with your own unique hand made fundraiser bags!

Why not do as other charities have done and use our natural fibre jute bags as a fundraiser to make fundraising bags for your charity?

One outstanding example of a successful fundraising organisation is the Illawarra Cancer Carers of Wollongong in NSW who have raised $2 million in 20 years of operation to assist cancer patients and support cancer research. According to their web site, Illawarra Cancer Carers Inc is a is a “highly effective and efficient organisation with no paid co-ordinator and over 230 volunteers.” According to the Illawarra Cancer Carers:

“We are very proud to say that with the help of various forms of donations from business, clubs, groups and individuals in the Illawarra and beyond we have been able to reach a total of $2,539,682. This has helped us to assist Illawarra cancer patients in different ways. Each month the figure increases as we assist more cancer patients.

While the Illawarra Cancer Carers utilise many means of raising money, one popular means is the use of our stock SSB008 jute bag which they re-cover with their various skills to produce a range of unique and very attractive fundraising bags.

To raise money for your charity simply purchase our stock jute bag and add your own unique design. Check below to see some examples of the amazing fundraising bag designs done by dedicated charity workers and fundraisers.