Newman Government Changes Stance On Shopping Bag Ban

Published On August 23, 2013

Environment Minister Andrew Powell said he was considering a ban on plastic shopping bags, according to The Courier Mail, and then a day later, he changed his mind. The reason for the change is due to the cost associated with the ban. The government doesn’t want to issue measures that increase the cost of living for its residents.

This is not the end of the story on environmental concerns. According to Powell, the government is consulting with industry groups to find ways to reduce waste in Queensland. Powell said that they will be consulting with members of the waste industry and those that create the waste, and plan to consult with the Queensland populis later this year. This will also encourage people to recycle but not at a cost to the taxpayers.

The government is also working on ways to reduce littering. Powell stated that the government would be working with the community on other measures once a waste strategy has been agreed upon.