How to Re-Use Disposable Plastic Bags

Published On August 1, 2013

It’s a fact that disposable plastic bags create problems for the environment, and re-usable shopping bags are the way to go. However, there are plenty of disposable plastic bags already in circulation, and people need to know what to do with them. Obviously it’s not a good idea to put disposable bags into a general waste bin, because they will end up in landfill.

The best way to handle disposable plastic bags is by recycling and reusing them.

  • Grocery stores, by law, must accept disposable shopping bags from customers. There will be a large bin at the front of each grocery store, periodically collected by a company that can recycle the bags into new products.
  • Use disposable plastic bags to seal containers like paint tins. Placed between the tin and the lid, a disposable bag creates a seal that protects the contents from airborne dust.
  • Clean up pet droppings with old plastic disposable bags – just make sure there are no holes in the bag first.
  • Shelter plants and flowers from evening frost by tying a plastic bag around the plant.
  • Substitute disposable bags for packaging insulation to protect fragile items.
  • Carry other recyclable items to the recycling bin, inside of old disposable plastic bags. Just don’t put the disposable plastic bag in your domestic recycling bin.