Help The Environment With Re-Usable Shopping Bags

Published On July 31, 2013

Human society thrives on progress, developing newer and more efficient methods to perform our necessary functions. New methods develop when there is an obvious problem with an old method.

People used to carry their groceries home from the supermarket in disposable plastic bags – this was the old way. Now people are taking up re-usable shopping bags as the new method for carrying groceries.

Here is a five-point summary of why disposable plastic bags are a problem, and re-usable shopping bags are the solution.

  • The manufacture of plastic bags uses crude oil. Oil mining and plastic manufacturing are both extremely damaging to the environment.
  • Re-usable bags reduce the need for oil-drilling and plastic manufacturing.
  • It takes thousands of years for the plastic used in disposable bags to breakdown. In that time, plastic bags can block public drains, cause flooding, choke wildlife and clog waterways.
  • Some re-usable bag makers use bamboo, a plant that reduces greenhouse gasses. The more bamboo bags the more bamboo plants, which means less greenhouse-gasses.
  • Other reusable bags consist of recycled plastic bottles or old cotton products. Recycling these materials reduces the amount of material put into landfills.