Newsagency Starts a Trend by Banning Plastic Bags

Published On August 26, 2013

Rod Maher, owner of Thirroul Newsagency, has decided to ban plastic bags in his store. He had previously been handing out around 2,000 of them each year. It has been four years since the ban was implemented and now customers regularly bring in their own bags.

Ban the Bag Illawarra is a movement that is also trying to get that same message across. They are trying to change the laws that prevent the NSW councils from instituting bans on plastic bags. While a plastic bag is only in use for a short time, it will take thousands of years to decompose. They clog up the waterways and kill animals.

A few stores have gotten rid of plastic bags, including Target, Bunnings and Aldi. Customers have the option of using boxes to transport their purchases or paying for calico or biodegradable bags. Maher believes that education will help more businesses make the transition away from plastic bags.