The Supermarket Shopping Guide from Matt Preston

Published On August 27, 2013

Australia is home to 2,000 supermarkets, three times as many as there are in the UK. Australians visit their supermarkets on average at least twice a week. Matt Preston provided some tips he learned about how to make the most from each visit.

He recommended bringing numerous reusable grocery bags because people tend to underestimate how many to bring. Preston has them in the car as well as at home in order to have a stash close at hand. He also says that shoppers should use a basket because they are easier to fit in a trolley.

A list is a good thing to have in hand, Preston said. However, he also admitted to deviating from the list if something catches his eye. Furthermore, he never takes a shopping list when he is creating recipes or coming up with ideas for dinner. It allows for creativity and inspiration.

Preston also said that you should only buy items on sale if you plan to use them. He also recommended avoiding shopping when you are hungry. Finally, he preferred name brands to private labels.