How a QR Campaign Can Increase Self-Esteem

Published On September 23, 2013

A creative ad agency has blended technology with psychology to create an irresistible promotional product for female shoppers.

Customers at a Spanish shopping centre were treated to a handsome male spouting compliments when their the bags were brought to life via the QR code printed on the man’s mouth. According to Trendhunter, the team at JWT, the advertising agency behind the bags, had noticed that some women went shopping in order to boost their self-esteem and just took that thought one step further.

JWT were praised for working out how to use QR codes in a meaningful yet fun way. The proper use of QR codes remains a source of confusion for marketers. However, JWT has grasped the concept and also used the right product (a shopping bag) in the right place (a shopping mall).

The campaign was created by JWT for Diagonal Mar Shopping Centre in Barcelona, Spain. A second bag aimed at flattering men in the same way is reportedly in development.