Appealing to the Five Senses at Trade Shows

Published On September 24, 2013

When exhibiting at an expo or trade show, it is important that prospective buyers know who you are and something about your product or service before they approach your stand.

To do this, it is helpful to have staff dressed in distinctive and brand-coloured clothing. Not only does this attract attention from a distance, it helps attendees know who to approach if they have questions.

The business logo should be clearly and obviously displayed. Hanging banners are particularly effective because they can be seen from almost anywhere in an event space.

The benefits of products and services, together with evidence of the problems they solve, should be clearly advertised and displayed, so that they are clearly seen and understood.

One new concept that innovative marketers are using, is the connection between scent and brand. Scent Communications said, “Scents as part of a sensory branding strategy will connect consumers to a brand and help increase the brand identification and loyalty. Scent is the new frontier in emotional branding.”

A confident tone in the voices of staff can help to enhance communication. Providing something that is delicious can also give prospective customers another reason to visit a stand and engage with a business.

Similarly, initiating the relationship by shaking hands can increase memorability and create a more favourable impression with prospective clients.