Successful Trade Show Marketing

Published On September 25, 2013

In advance of a trade show, it is very important to have a definitive idea of what a business wants to achieve. The development of clear and measurable objectives allows a business to know whether their participation was successful.

Prior to a trade show, efforts should be made to let potential customers, prospects and suppliers know that the business will be present. These people should be invited to come and visit the stand at the trade show.

At the trade show, it is well worth capitalising on all of the promotional opportunities presented. This means that exhibitor information sessions should be attended, requests for information about the company and its products should be responded to and exhibitor manuals should be thoroughly reviewed.

Similarly, the list of exhibitors should be thoroughly reviewed to identify other businesses that are also exhibiting who may be appropriate for strategic partnerships and alliances.

All promotional material should be precise and clearly reflect the objectives of the business. All staff should be thoroughly briefed on the objectives of the trade show and the targets and goals they need to reach.