The Business of Promotional Bags

Published On September 26, 2013

In their many and varied forms, promotional bags are seen every day. Promotional bags are now marketing icons and serve as portable sales pitches and even fashion statements.

In fact, branded bags are renowned for being one of the most effective marketing tools in history. They are rightfully referred to as “business with handles”.

There are many good reasons why promotional bags are so successful. Large, durable bags are useful and popular and, in many cases, they are perceived as an added value to purchases made.

Top quality promotional bags have strong visual impact. They look great and deliver an emphatic lifestyle statement.

In some cases, a promotional bag makes a statement that its user shops in the ‘right’ or upmarket places. In this way, bags can be a lifestyle statement.

Green bags are frequently used as carry bags and are popular to reuse because they are inexpensive and reliable.

Essentially, green bags are popular because people can and do use them for their own purposes. Bags help to create an immediate association with a product and when packaging is excellent, products also appear impressive.

The status effect of promotional bags is achieved through brand association. Promotional branding is associated with the bag and is achieved simply by the bag being used.