Styromelt Thermal Densifier Technology Helps Recycle EPS Packaging

Published On December 14, 2012

Ferret, Australia’s manufacturing, industrial and mining directory, has been focusing a lot lately on finding practical ways for manufacturers to reduce packaging use and use more environmentally sustainable packaging materials in warehouses, factories and distribution centres. In addition to solutions such as using sustainably sourced raw materials and reusable bags, they are also keen to emphasise the benefits of considering what happens to the packaging during the disposal process. When it comes to conventional Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam packs, Ferret says they shouldn’t be written off too quickly because they do have recycling potential. Brentwood Recycling Systems, a NSW company, has recently presented a solution for companies that use EPS on a regular basis in the form of their Styromelt thermal densifier technology. This machine has the ability to thermally compact polystyrene waste, which makes transport and disposal much easier by reducing the volumetric waste by up to 95 per cent. The machine does this by applying conducted heat to the polymer, converting it into liquid resin that can be cooled into a much smaller, denser briquette.