Church Uses ‘Green Vans’ to Promote Jute Bags

Published On June 11, 2009

According to the Independent Catholic News the Archdiocese of Delhi in India has commenced using two special ‘green vans’ to promote the use of reusable jute bags.

According to Archbishop Concessao the vans would carry an environmental message emphasizing the importance of minimising plastic pollution. Twelve months ago the Archdiocese of Delhi launched a “green shopper” campaign in combination with self-help groups that make jute bags.

Archbishop Concessao said they had sold 300,000 jute bags in the past 12 months and the jute bag campaign has helped the archdiocese to create jobs for the poor as well as promote environmental awareness.

Perhaps environmental groups and churches in Australia will follow the Indian example with their own green vans promoting jute bags and natural fibres!