Retail Shopping Centre Coles Follows Target With Compostable Plastic Bags

Published On June 12, 2009

On September 1 this year Coles will introduce compostable plastic bags in their stores around Australia. Compostable bags that meet the Australian Standard for biodegradable plastic bags(AS 4736 – 2006) will sell for 25 cents each.

Coles new biodegradable bag will be manufactured from corn starch and will have a carrying capacity of 8kg. The bag is claimed to start breaking down within 7 days and will be significantly broken down within 45 days under controlled composting conditions.

Following on the heels of the banning of plastic bags in South Australia it is another step in the national and international demise of the conventional single use checkout bag and the increasing use of natural fibres, compostable bags, and reusable bags.