Australians Prefer to Shop Ethically

Published On May 7, 2015
Fair Trade is a growing solution to fighting poverty and social injustices. May 9th is World Fair Trade Day, an initiative of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) which takes place on the second Saturday of May each year. The WFTO encourages people to become an ‘Agent for Change’, because that is exactly what Fair Trade products provide - change. The initiative encourages people to buy ethical products and share their experience and knowledge of Fair Trade products on social
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Reusable Shopping Bags

Published On May 4, 2015
According to statistics the global consumption of plastic bags is between 500 billion and a trillion annually or a million bags every minute. This huge consumption of plastic bags creates an enormous environmental problem. There are two ways of addressing this environmental problem. Firstly, if we can utilise reusable bags which have a long life span and therefore can be repeatedly reused consumption will be proportionately decreased as compared to the use of single use plastic bags. The second alternative,
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How Your Business Can Help Fight Pollution

Published On April 7, 2015
The environmental debate has been raging for years now, but what does that have to do with your business? The answer is everything. Improving your environmental and social performance will not only ensure that your business survives, but will actually save you money as well. And we all know that every business needs to cut costs wherever it can so as to remain viable in today’s innovative and competitive marketplace. Why the environment matters to your business There are several
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Alternative Green Shopping Bags in Australia – A Green Shopping Bag Selection Guide

Published On April 4, 2015
Although it has been reported that plastic bags comprise only around 2% of the litter stream in Australia, plastic bags nevertheless create a significant pollution problem which affects our wildlife. The impact of this litter is increased due to the fact that the 6.9 billion plastic carry bags used by Australians every year will take centuries to breakdown in the environment and there is therefore a persistent and constantly accumulating environmental ability to injure wildlife, particularly in marine environments. The
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Single Use Plastic Shopping Bags or Durable Enviro Bags?

Published On April 4, 2015
Single use shopping bags being phased out Shopping bags are such a major environmental problem in Australia and around the world (1-10) that many countries and cities are taking steps to ban the use of plastic shopping bags (11-16). Since single use plastic shopping bags may be discarded into the environment after just one brief use these types of shopping bags have long been considered to be the biggest problem (17-19). While single use shopping bags may have a very
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Jute & Eco Friendly Natural Jute Bags

Published On April 4, 2015
Jute fibre is a totally natural biodegradable and compostable fibre obtained from the jute plant (Corchorus olitorius and Corchorus capsularis) and it is therefore an extremely attractive renewable resource for those who are at the forefront of the environmental movement and those who give top priority to environmental and ecological concerns. Jute, being a very strong natural fibre, is commonly used to produce rope, bags, sacks, hessian cloth, floor coverings, and carpet or linoleum backing. The natural qualities and biodegradability
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Printed Bags

Published On April 3, 2015
Promoting your organisation with your full colour logo on reusable sublimation printed bags! Minimum order quantity of only 500 bags - Express delivery to most locations in 4 weeks or less* Made from natural fibres such as cotton or canvas or eco friendly fabrics such as non woven polypropylene, these environmentally friendly bags may be printed with your logo in quantities as low as only 500 bags! The available range of printed promotional bags includes popular styles such as shopping
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What to Say and How to Say It: Crafting a Memorable Business Tagline

Published On March 12, 2015
Your tagline is a powerful component that serves many functions in branding your business. It gives customers information, evokes feelings or ideas, and establishes your voice. But coming up with a memorable tagline isn’t easy. It requires careful consideration into different aspects of your business and the needs of your customers. Knowing what makes a good tagline is the first step in this process. As your business evolves, so too will the message you send out in your marketing and
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Jute & the International Year of Natural Fibres, 2009

Published On February 8, 2015
Albury Enviro Bags supports the International Year of Natural Fibres 2009. We support the use of natural fibres such as jute and cotton in the production of reusable bags and promotional bags. The information below has been sourced from the Natural Fibres 2009 web site and the International Jute Study Group. The International Year of Natural Fibres, which was officially launched on 22 January 2009, is intended to stimulate demand for natural fibres by increasing the awareness of their advantages
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Shopping Bags and Plastic Bag Pollution

Published On February 4, 2015
Plastic Bag Pollution and the Environment. Australia may be only a small country of 20 million people but in 2002 Australians used nearly 7 billion plastic shopping bags (1-5) and it is estimated that up to 80 million of these bags ended up littering our environment (2,3). In Ireland the consumption of 1.2 billion plastic bags annually led to the introduction of a tax paid by consumers (5,6) while British consumers use 8 billion plastic bags annually (7). Globally 500
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How to Promote Your Business With Canvas Bags

Published On February 2, 2015
The humble bag has experienced somewhat of a renaissance in recent times, for small and large business alike. This is in part due to the promotional tote bag. While these bags are often given out at conferences, trade shows, or perhaps at point of sale, there is no doubt that they offer the highest number of impressions than any other type of advertising. Practical, stylish, and eco-friendly The reason for this high level of exposure is that consumers find these
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South Australia Bans Plastic Bags

Published On January 10, 2015
Since retailers and consumers need to keep informed regarding the new regulations pertaining to the banning of plastic bags in South Australia, the implementation guidelines of these regulations are listed below, courtesy of BYOBAGS. Although the regulations commenced on the 1st January 2009, the first 4 months, until 3rd May 2009, are intended to be a phase in or transition period. Not until the 4th of May will the sale of single use plastic bags become illegal in South Australia.
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Fundraising Ideas For Charities And Fundraisers

Published On January 8, 2015
Raise money for your charity with your own unique hand made fundraiser bags! Why not do as other charities have done and use our natural fibre jute bags as a fundraiser to make fundraising bags for your charity? One outstanding example of a successful fundraising organisation is the Illawarra Cancer Carers of Wollongong in NSW who have raised $2 million in 20 years of operation to assist cancer patients and support cancer research. According to their web site, Illawarra Cancer
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15 Ways to Reuse Canvas Bags

Published On January 8, 2015
Canvas is in. The canvas tote bag, whether handmade or bought, has a versatility all of its own. It’s the trend setter this summer, don’t be seen without one! Forget formal accessories, the natural, recycled look is here. It’s time to get upcycled. Canvas totes are so easy to throw over your shoulder, and when not in use they can simply be rolled up or folded to fit nicely into your pocket. If you need more than one, throw a
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Dreaming of a Green Christmas: How to be Environmentally Friendly This Christmas

Published On December 10, 2014
Christmas is a festive time for families to get together and celebrate, but along with the festivities comes a large amount of unnecessary waste. From food to wrapping paper, there is a lot that inevitably goes to waste during what has become a rather consumer-driven holiday. However, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. Fundamentally, Christmas should be a meaningful occasion, whether you are a religious person or not. Shifting the focus from the gifts
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Why Are Promotional Products Still Being Used By Companies?

Published On November 11, 2014
When we clean our home, often we look for products that will be most effective in doing their job. If we want to clean an oven, we want to make sure that the product is going to get all of the built up grease off. However, have you ever wondered about how these products can affect the environment? Have you considered what products are the worst to use? Environmentally damaging products aren’t limited to cleaning products, so here is the
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The Environmental Cost of Plastic

Published On September 22, 2014
Plastic bags may be cheap, and feel like they're convenient, but they are causing untold damage to our environment. Below we give our research on the catastrophic damage that they are doing to nature. Have no doubt, plastic bags are a killer. To embed 'The Environmental Cost of Plastic' on your site, copy and paste the code below: <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" width="540" alt="The Environmental Cost of Plastic"></a><br/> - An infographic by the team at <a href="">Albury Enviro Bags</a>
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Why are Plastic Bags Bad for the Environment

Published On December 30, 2013
As well as being an eyesore, discarded plastic shopping bags clog the waterways and end up in landfills where they can take 1,000 years break down. Why are plastic bags so harmful? Plastic bags are bad for the environment because they are non-biodegradable, which means they do not decay. Plastic bags are made from various toxic chemicals, which are harmful to the environment. Some of the chemicals that go into the production of plastic bags include benzene, ethylene oxide and
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How to Print on Canvas Bags

Published On December 15, 2013
Canvas bags are a fun and environmentally friendly way to carry your things and advertise your business. If you have a flair for design and an aptitude for craft, then this guide might help give you some inspiration for creating some of your very own canvas bags. What you’ll need: - An idea - Computer - Inkjet printer - Plain printer paper - Iron on transfer paper - Iron - An image - Photo editing software - Canvas bag -
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A Brief Overview of the Tote Bag

Published On November 30, 2013
Tote bags are highly practical yet appealing handheld bags. Tote bags tend to be spacious, and they can be used to carry everything from beach wear to books and computers. Fabric and Handle provided an overview of the versatile and essential tote bag. Uses Tote bags have no specific uses. They can be used to carry just about anything. The wide opening and spacious design makes this bag versatile. Tote bags are often durable, although durability depends on whether heavy materials are
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Quick Guide to Jute

Published On November 28, 2013
Jute is a natural plant fibre that can be used to make a wide variety of everyday items. It has been used to make clothing, twine, curtain, carpets, rope, and bags, including promotional bags. Jute is made by spinning the vegetable fibre into a thread, which is then weaved. Very finely woven jute is sometimes used to create imitation silk products. Jute has also been used to create alternatives to paper, as it is a highly cost-effective natural fibre that is
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Easy Cleaning Tips for Reusable Grocery Bags

Published On November 27, 2013
Reusable bags have a positive impact on the environment, but research has shown that many reusable bags host harmful bacteria. A study by the University of Arizona found that around 12% of reusable bags tested contained E.coli. These are some useful cleaning tips for reusable grocery bags. Cross Contamination Cross contamination can occur if meats and other produce are transported in bags that contain harmful bacteria. Some bags may be used for multiple purposes; for example, for gym gear or even diapers
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Choosing the Right Reusable Shopping Bag

Published On November 26, 2013
As more environmentally shoppers opt for reusable shopping bags, the choice of designs and styles available on the market has expanded. This quick buying guide outlines the key elements to consider when buying a reusable shopping bag. Style Reusable shopping bags are available in many different shapes and styles, but those in the ‘brown paper bag’ design are some of the most convenient for carrying groceries. These come with a flat base, so they are easy to load and pack into
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Bagvertising: Shopping Bags as Highly Effective Marketing Channels

Published On November 25, 2013
Shopping bags are too often overlooked as marketing channels for businesses. The humble shopping bag, used effectively, can be the walking billboard that marketers dream about. In fact, many organisations already use shopping bags to promote their products and services. Advertising through shopping bags is also known as bagvertising. Bagvertising is popular for many reasons. It is inexpensive and cheaper than traditional advertising, and it is an effective way to promote a product or brand. Bags are mobile and can be
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Using Promotional Tote Bags for Marketing

Published On November 24, 2013
Adding tote bags to a marketing campaign can be highly cost-effective. Tote bags make functional and appealing promotional products, and they can deliver a sustained marketing message to raise brand awareness. These are some tips for using tote bags as promotional products. Humour Humour can be a powerful marketing tool. Using a humorous slogan or graphics on the tote bag can make the bag stand out and encourage customers to remember the business or product. Promotional Gift Sets Tote bags
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